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Barbara Abercrombie born 1811 Founder of Ladies' Highland ... Read more
Lady May Baird 1901-1983 Medical administrator, governor of ... Read more
Elizabeth Lindsay Banks 1849 to 1933-09-01 Kindergarten mistress and authority ... Read more
Jane Bell 1873-03-16 to 1959-08-06 Hospital matron in Sydney ... Read more
Euphemia Bridges Bowes 1816 to 1900-11-12 Social reformer, emigrated to ... Read more
Margaret Hamilton Brown 1858-05-20 to 1896-12-05 Headmistress, emigrated to Australia ... Read more
Agnes Buntine c.1822 to 1896-02-29 Pastoralist, bullocky, emigrated to ... Read more
Elizabeth Cairns 1685-1741 Writer. Read more
Harriette Campbell 1817-08-00 to 1841-02-15 Writer. Read more
Alison Campbell died 1608 Minister's wife, married former ... Read more
Dorothea Primrose Campbell 1792-05-04 to 1863-01-06 Poet and novelist, teacher ... Read more
Janet Clerk c.1686-1760 Author of spiritual diary ... Read more
Lady Evelyn Cobbald 1867-07-17 to 1963-01-25 Traveller and convert to ... Read more
Marion Cochrane died 1559 Tenant farmer in Lessudden, ... Read more
Catharine Cockburn 1674-08-16 to 1749-05-11 Writer, birthdate prob 16 ... Read more
Margaret countess of Douglas, duchess of Touraine Born before 1373? died 1450/1 Noblewoman and liferenter of ... Read more
Alice Ishbel Hay Creswick 1889-04-21 to 1973-10-24 Red Cross commandant and ... Read more
Grizel Crichton Heroine, saved her father ... Read more
Isabella Dalgarno 1805 to 1878-06-18 Temperance advocate, visited Australia ... Read more
Eliza Davies born 1821 Writer, schoolteacher, evangelist for  ... Read more
Marie de Coucy, Queen of Scots C.1218-1285 Second wife of Alexander ... Read more
Jeanie Donnan 19 Nov 1866-14 May 1942 The Galloway poetess. Read more
Margaret Elder Gardener, nurserywoman and writer ... Read more
Agnes Elliot 1731-78 Correspondent, member of London ... Read more
Helen Elliot, Lady Minto died 1774 Lady Directress Edinburgh Assembly ... Read more
Elizabeth Latto Ewen 1875-1965 Aberdeen's first female General ... Read more
Helen Wilson Fell 1849-07-27 to 1935-04-13 Diarist and philanthropist, emigrated ... Read more
Martha Fletcher 1700-80 Correspondent, estate manager. Read more
Elizabeth Fletcher, Lady Milton 1700-82 Lady Directess Edinburgh Assembly ... Read more
Mary Hannay Foott 1846-09-26 to 1918-10-12 Teacher and poet, emigrated ... Read more
Barbara Forbes fl 1625 died 1673 Philanthropist, early Quaker. Read more
Katherine Forbes, Lady Rothiemay c.1583-c.1652 Noblewoman, philanthropist    . Read more
Ann Alison Goodlet 1824-09-26 to 1903-01-03 Church worker and philanthropist, ... Read more
Lilas Grant died c.1643 Letter-writer and possibly poet, ... Read more
Elizabeth Grant born 1744/5 to 1828-02-27  songwriter, married Captain James ... Read more
Jean Guild 1573-12-00 to 1667-01-09 Philanthropist, baptised 27 Dec ... Read more
Mary Gunn 1884-12-19 to 1967-05-11 Eistedfodd secretary, emigrated to ... Read more
Katherine Hamilton, duchess of Atholl 1662-10-24 to 1707-01-10 Noblewoman, political commentator and ... Read more
Mary Packer Harris 1891-07-30 to 1978-08-26 Teacher of art, educated ... Read more
Marian Fleming Harwood 1846-03-09 to 1934-07-29 Scholar, pacifist, philanthropist, emigrated ... Read more
Margaret Maxwell Inglis 1774-10-27 to 1843-12-21 Poet, married Mr Finlay, ... Read more
Roberta Henrietta Margaritta Jull 1872-08-16 to 1921-03-06 Medical practitioner, emigrated to ... Read more
Katherine Kirkland 1808-02-23 to 1892-06-10 Memoirist,. Read more
Janet Lady Colquhoun 1781-04-17 to 1846-10-21 Writer and philanthropist. Read more
Agnes Leslie, countess of Morton died c.1606 Noblewoman and household manager, ... Read more
Sheila Macintyre 1910-04-23 to 1960-03-21 Mathematician, teacher and assistant ... Read more
Grace Mackintosh 1890-09-05 to 1954-03-23 Headmistress and college lecturer, ... Read more
Eveline MacLaren 1883-1955 One of the first ... Read more
Elizabeth Henrietta Macquarie 1778 to 1835-03-11 In 1809 travelled to ... Read more
Isabella McCorkindale 1885-01-05 to 1971-02-24 Termperance worker, emigrated to ... Read more
Georgina McCready 1886-12-17 to 1980-09-16 Nurse, trade unionist and ... Read more
Margaret McLean 1845-04-07 to 1923-02-14 Temperance advocate and feminist, ... Read more
Elizabeth Helen Callander Melville Married in 1840, went ... Read more
Christina Smith Montgomery 1870-03-21 to 1965-08-27 Headmistress, emigrated to Australia ... Read more
Grisell, Lady Murray of Stanhope 1692-1759 Memoirist. Read more
Katherine Murray, countess of Dunmore 1814-08-31 to 1886-02-12 Promoter of Harris Tweed ... Read more
Anne Murray, duchess of Atholl 1814-06-17 to 1897-05-18 Courtier, married George Murray ... Read more
Kitty Rankine 1550-1603 Witch of Abergeldie. Read more
Helen Lothian Robertson 1848 to 1937-06-22 Tailoress and trade unionist ... Read more
Janet Walker Robertson 1850-06-10 to 1940-11-27 Costumier and teacher. Read more
Catherine Ross 1635 to 1697-07-10 Memoirist and writer, married ... Read more
Helen Macpherson Schutt 1874-04-17 to 1951-04-19 Philanthropist, . Read more
Christina Smith 1809-07-25 to 1893-04-28 Teacher and missionary, ... Read more
Lady Frances Steuart Denham 1722-1789 Author of memoir. Read more
Flora Shaw Stewart 1886-08-28 to 1979-05-13 Hotelkeeper in Papua New ... Read more
Christina Stewart 1777-1829 Clearance landlord. Read more
Mary Stoddard 1852-00-00 to 1901-06-10 Artist, born 1852?  married ... Read more
Janet Leith Story 1820-11 Sept 1926 Writer of novels, memoirs, ... Read more
Josephine Stuart born 1883 One of first two ... Read more
Sulina Murray MacDonald Sutherland 1839-12-26 to 1909-10-08 Nurse and child welfare ... Read more
Rachel Annand Taylor 1876-1960 Poet, journalist, teacher. Read more
Jean Thomson 1881-1940 First Scottish policewoman. Read more
Haldane Colquhoun Turriff 1834-01-12 to 1922-02-05 Hospital nurse, emigrated as ... Read more
Elizabeth Wardlaw 1677-04-15 to 1727 Writer. Read more
Ethel Lucy Watson died 1954 Secretary of  Women's Foreign ... Read more
Elizabeth (Betty) Wedderburn 1731-1758 Friend of Enlightenment figures ... Read more

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